Logos Can Change, But a Club’s Colors Are Forever

Football clubs, organizations with a tremendous amount of money and influence are cautious in changing their logos. When Juventus did it in 2017, the public’s rancor, especially their fans, only faded in time. They received criticism from every corner of the footballing world. People who knew design, and those who didn’t, and non-fans of the club all had something to say about this seismic. From an oval crest with gold that surrounds the club’s name to a minimalist “J”? A lot of people didn’t think a club as grand as Juventus deserves such a dressing down in their logo. Years after, people had time to move on and have accepted this new reality. Back then, you would think the club traded Alessandro del Piero to Milan because of the noise it generated.

That isn’t something new, as many big clubs take this kind of risk. Nothing as recent as Juve, but from England to Germany, football crests evolve. But, if there’s something that will never change, it’s the club colors. Doing it is like draining the club of its blood and introducing something so profoundly alien to the club’s existence. Fans would revolt, to say the least, if any club decides something so drastic a departure.

Colors Are Forever

Can you imagine if Barca changed their colors? Any combination would’ve been a sacrilege. They can never change to anything that’s white (Real Madrid, Valencia), red (Atletico Madrid), yellow (Villareal), or blue (Espanyol). Barca had their club crest change over their more than 100 years of existence, but never their colors. For them to be called anything but the Blaugrana is like changing the last name of a great family. Not only are they losing tradition, but they risk losing a good chunk of their fans locally or abroad.

Anyway, as a fan, you can choose to represent whatever part of your club’s history. You can have customized scarves from online suppliers that have logos from 50 years ago. Retro jerseys are available if there’s a past player that you want to be emblazoned on your back. Your options are endless. But, never will any fans represent another color again, and never should a club risk such a move. It just exists in a different reality than what’s here and now. It’s impossible.

When Loyal Players Change Clubs (and Colors)

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Francesco Totti, in anything other than the yellow and red of AS Roma, would’ve broken any football fan’s heart. It just doesn’t on him, and he doesn’t belong to any other club. Paolo Maldini in Inter colors? It was nearly the reality, but Maldini is a rossonero forever, drenched in Milan’s storied red and black. Lionel Messi is on the brink of wearing another club’s shirt on his back, but nothing will ever look as good as his number 10 on Barca’s kit.

But, loyal players change clubs too. Andy Cole exchanged the black and white of Newcastle for Manchester United’s red. Carlos Tevez changed colors but stayed in the same city, from United to City. Nothing stops players from moving, and at times, we appreciate greatness more when seeing it from another perspective.

Diamonds are forever; blood is red forever. Club colors are forever. Some things aren’t meant to change. Whether by destiny, tradition, or force, a club’s colors stay, unlike Neymar.

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