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August is almost coming to an end, which means a variety of things. The searing temperature brought by the bright rays of the summer sun will soon be replaced by the more refreshing autumn atmosphere. People will be greeted to beautiful sceneries of trees sporting dazzling hues of red and yellow leaves. The members of the American rock band Green Day have a month left before they must be woken up. For gamers, though, the coming of September means there are only four months left to the free games program of Epic Games, the neophyte digital platform trying to topple Steam’s PC gaming monopoly.

Since the launch of their storefront in late 2018, Epic Games has been releasing a massive collection of free titles for users. PCGamesN, an online video game magazine, computed the total give-away value of over $2,150 — using the non-sale price of participating games — from Epic’s program.

The offers aren’t anything to scoff at either, with a variety of genres from story-rich indie games like Tacoma and This War of Mine to award-winning triple-A titles like Grand Theft Auto V and the Borderlands Handsome Collection. There’s a game up for grabs for any mood, whether you’re celebrating sealing the deal of agreeable home loans or looking to destress after a trying workday.

It’s not too late to sign up for an Epic Games account to start downloading what the platform is offering at no cost. With two to three new titles being released every Thursday at 11 ETD / 8 PTD, you are guaranteed at least thirty-eight games in the remaining nineteen weeks of the year. Here’s what you can get for this week:

  1. 3 Out of 10 Episode 3: Pivot Like A Champion

If you’ve ever wished you’re a part of a game development studio or be one of the stars of a hilarious sitcom like Friends or The Office, then the episodic adventure game, 3 out of 10, is for you. According to Endgadget senior editor Jessica Conditt, 3 out of 10 is a ‘serialized comedy show and mini-game extravaganza’ from the creative minds of the developer Terrible Posture Games. The first two episodes were already released in the past two weeks, with the third one named ‘Pivot Like A Champion’ available now in the Epic Store. Two more episodes are expected to be out to complete the first season.

xbox on the table

  1. Enter the Gungeon

Developed by Dodge Roll, this bullet hell dungeon crawler follows the adventures of a band of misfits as they search for a legendary weapon called The Gun That Can Kill The Past. The rumor goes that the gun can be their source of redemption since they can use it to change their past and start a new life. Players can choose from eight adventurers or “gungeoneers” who have rich personal background stories and regrets.

  1. God’s Trigger

What happens when an angel and a demon form a team to storm Heaven and stop the apocalypse? In the world of God’s Trigger, it means an action-packed and bullet-filled fight for survival. The game can be played as a single-player or in cooperative mode, where two players use the unique abilities of the characters to maneuver enemies, dodge projectiles, and kill anyone in their way. Gamers can also expect puzzles needing seamless teamwork to be solved, which is a breath of fresh air from the usual cadence of kill, die, and repeat.

As Epic Games celebrate its anniversary in four months, gamers should maximize the free games program being offered. Who knows what other exciting titles the platform has in store?

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