Tech-integrated Clothing and Accessories to Support Your Lifestyle Needs

We invest in different clothing and accessories depending on the activities we love doing. This is to ensure we keep ourselves comfortable, safer and of course, show off our personality and style. But aside from the regular gears, now exist different tech-integrated clothing.

Some are meant to complement wearable technology. Some of us can greatly benefit from such high-tech clothing and accessories when engaging in our favorite activities or past-time. Here are examples of new innovations that show the merge of regular clothing and accessories with technology.

Heated Skiing and Snowboarding Gear

Are you in the market for a bunch of skiing and snowboarding gear for your next ski trip? Maybe you’re looking for a Bogner men’s ski jacket for sale or even a ski or snow pants. You can add some heated gears to make your skiing and snowboarding experience more comfortable and more fun.

Power-heated gloves, for instance, helps keep your hands and fingers warm while out on the slopes. Most heated gloves have heating control, allowing you to control the temperature. These come with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, better insulation, and a waterproof insert.

Custom boot heaters are another favorite of skiers. Ski boot heaters help get rid of cold toes, which is a common issue when skiing for long periods of time. These also have varying heating levels to help you stay comfortable while skiing.

Heated socks can be a great alternative if you’re tired of retrofitting your boot heaters. Now, you can enjoy extra warmth and comfort no matter the type of ski boots you’re using. You can even use this out of the slopes and incorporate the socks t your daily winter fashion.

Smart Yoga Pants

Many people now engage in yoga. They found this activity to be extremely relaxing and good for their stress.  But why settle on your regular yoga outfit if you can upgrade for a better yoga experience?

If you are committed to practicing yoga, then you might want to buy yourself a pair of smart yoga pants. These are perfect for beginners who are still starting to master different yoga poses. It works with an app that offers guides on how to achieve each pose.

Smart yoga pants are available in different sizes. The smart features work while you do the poses indicated in the app. If your pose needs a little adjustment, you will feel small vibrations where you need adjustments.

a rack of clothes

Smart Swimsuits

Love swimming and sunbathing during the summer? Then you need to know about these smart swimsuits. A company is selling swimsuits with a small and waterproof UV sensor.

The sensor is the size of an adult thumb that connects to your smartphone. Such swimsuits can tell you when UV levels are high. This can be a good choice if you often forget to reapply your sunscreen.

The sensor’s battery can last for up to 280 days without charging. You can choose from different styles of swimsuits. Note that these are only available for adults.

Smart Shirts

Are you a gym junkie? Do you run regularly during your free time or even enjoy cycling multiple times a week? Then you might want a smart shirt to complete your look.

There now exist some smart shirts perfect for active individuals. These are compression-style shirts with integrated sensors and a clip-on box. It helps you measure your stress levels, fitness levels, heart variability, and more.

You can view the data collected in real-time using a compatible smartphone app. This means you can adjust your training program to better fit your fitness goals and capabilities. You can optimize training and even recovery with such important data.

Smart Training Clothes

If you are a gym bunny and you want to start exercising correctly, then you can invest in smart training clothes. These tend to be a bit more expensive but can be helpful in avoiding injuries. You can consider this as your personal trainer on the go.

Smart training clothes come with micro-EMG sensors. These are woven into the fabric to help detect which muscles are working during your workout. The data is then transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This helps track your heart rate, muscle effort, and even your breathing. With such valuable insight, you can start exercising the right way. You can steer clear from using wrong forms to avoid any untoward incidents while exercising.

Tech advances are everywhere, dominating every industry, including the sports apparel market. While these tech-integrated clothes are not for everybody, these can be helpful to individuals who want to take their activities to the next level. Whether you are into yoga, skiing, running, cycling, or swimming, there are tech-integrated clothes and accessories you can invest in.

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