Technology Is Connecting Families in a Pandemic-stricken World

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has a more severe effect on everyone. This may imply for a lot of families major adjustments in daily routines due to financial difficulties. It may imply increasing worry in youngsters, the stress in parental connections, or widespread concern for other families. It may be challenging to find the “new normal” since schools and daycare ended with this uncertain period. It’s even worse considering that quarantine restrictions now separate many families. How is technology helping?

Work From Home

To create a better balance between work and personal life, many families are adopting a digital lifestyle. Back in the day, working meant dealing with lengthy commutes and being chained to a desk from 9 to 5. Working from home is made feasible by digital technology, email, and remote access connections, which allow for more flexible working hours.

A growing number of companies are providing their workers with the option of working from home. Employing employees who work from home enables families to maintain a good relationship while saving thousands of dollars in travel and child-care expenses annually.

Furthermore, technology offers significant benefits in the field of home administration. When it comes to banking, purchasing, and bill payments, increasingly, consumers are shifting to the ease of the Internet. Parents are also using smartphone applications to keep track of their finances and manage their family’s routines.


Because of digital technology, it is now simpler than ever for families to remain in contact, even when their schedules are busy with work, errands, and the children’s extracurricular activities. Every hour of the day, parents and children may communicate through phone calls or text messages. Moreover, knowing where their children are at all times and that they can contact them swiftly in an emergency provides parents with peace of mind.

Additionally, many families take advantage of technology to establish and preserve ties with grandparents and other relatives in different cities or even states. Communication is even more important when this is the case. With technology, families can communicate with each other, and when needed, they can support each other through online money remittance.

older couple in a video call

Parents and children may communicate with one another on a real-time basis via email and other social media platforms. Some families have even gone so far as to create their websites and blogs to share photos and significant family milestones with one another.

The ability to persuade their children to talk about parts of their everyday lives is something that many parents, particularly those with teens, struggle with. Social media profiles, such as those on Facebook and Instagram, may provide parents with valuable information about the people, places, and events significant to their adolescent’s life. Technology and social media may also serve as a platform for fostering a conversation between parents and children about issues impacting our society as a whole.

Many people with exceptional needs can communicate more effectively because of technological advancements. Adaptive technology makes it possible for individuals who have difficulty communicating, hearing, seeing, or moving around to interact with their families, attend school, and work.

Quality Time Together

Family entertainment choices are almost limitless because of technological advances. Streaming services and mobile applications put our favorite music, television programs, movies, and games at our fingertips, and we can access them on the go. Family members of different generations may benefit from the diverse variety of entertainment options available to them. A favorite movie from when you were their age may help you connect with your adolescent, as they can play their favorite game together.

You may feel a little frightened by using some of the gadgets and gizmos, which appear so simple to the younger generation if you’re not a technology enthusiast. Here are some suggestions to make the digital process a little easier:

  • You may try playing internet games with your children utilizing a tablet. Tablets are portable rather than computers, and children often prefer them to other mobile devices.
  • Look for games that you believe are enjoyable and age-appropriate, then learn them alongside your kid.
  • Make it a point to play games more frequently with your children. You may try planning a weekly family tournament around your favorite game, for example.
  • Remember that you are patient and ready to educate your kid. Sharing your young people’s knowledge may be an enormous confidence boost.

The harmful elements of technology tend to be of great concern for parents. There are particular dangers that young children and teenagers may not grasp entirely while sharing our lives online. This is where we as parents need to educate our children and lead them.

Technology provides parents with the opportunity to address critical topics with their children, such as balancing privacy with parental needs and the necessity of being a good online citizen. By knowing technology and engaging your children online, you can assist your children in overcoming possible crashes while using all the benefits of digital life.

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