The Not-so-lost Art of Letter Writing

In this day of instant messaging and on-the-go lifestyle, showing your love and appreciation for someone has become easy. However, digital stuff tends to get buried on the internet as time goes by. Sometimes, because it’s too easy, it seems to be a part of the relationship that doesn’t require much attention. That shouldn’t be the case, though. ;

The art of letter writing is an interesting one. First, the stationary is beautiful, and the pen can be fancy. Second, the receiver can keep the letter to preserve memories. Third, without the writer knowing, they’re also practicing the art of storytelling, making the letter captivating to the reader.

Putting in a little effort to tell your loved ones how you feel is something worth cherishing. An amazing way to do this is through letter writing in various forms.


This is one of the basics. It’s a little to-go. It screams “I thought of you for a second” which makes it incredibly sweet.

What’s better is it sticks to almost any surface. Stick it on the windshield for them to read after work. Stick it on a book so you can tell them which character reminded you of them. Stick it on a water bottle to remind them to stay hydrated.

Post-its are versatile which means you can use them to write any kind of note or letter you want. Whether it is a thank you note or a quick “I love you,” a post-it can do the job and deliver.

Bottle neckers

Drinks cater to any event. May it be a birthday celebration or a simple night together, drinks can make it so much better.

They’re also convenient gifts, so putting notes on bottle neckers personalizes the gift. You can write your message on them, or you can have them printed. You can also design them with pretty typography. They can also come in different shapes, like a ribbon or a heart, to cater to the celebration.

Maybe you didn’t have time to think of a better gift or maybe you have no idea about their interests. Placing bottle neckers on your drink of choice levels up the gift.

The whole stationery set

wood accent designed office supplies

Bring out the scented, decorated, fancy papers. Bring out the envelope. Bring out the fountain pen. Bring out the wax seal. It’s time to take letter writing all the way.

Because letters can be kept for many years, making it a masterpiece is a great idea. This means that it should be worth keeping not just because it’s pretty but also because what’s in it is heartwarming.

Since you’re already busting out the big guns, it’s best to also do the same with your emotions. If you have the literary prowess, you can write it in the most grandiloquent, bombastic, and poetic way possible. If not, telling the other person how you feel is already enough.

The art of letter writing captures the innocence of the emotions and giving it the opportunity to last forever. Letters and notes do not need to stop existing just because there are instant ways to send your love to another person.

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