What You Need to Start a Blog (and Earn from It)

The world has been flipped, and everything feels strange, with everyone in quarantine relegated with finding new ways to fill up the time within the corners of their home. As such, everyone is flocking to new avenues of self-expression and even income by hopping online. If you’re not really into becoming a TikTok sensation or being a video game streamer, something you may have been thinking about is starting a blog. Whatever topics you decide to cover and make “your thing,” here are some tips for creating a blog that you can be proud of and possibly earn from.

Curate your website.

Your blog should have good visuals, with an appealing aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes, a format that isn’t difficult to traverse, and an overall vibe that feels legit even to the casual reader just popping by. That can help you in building your audience and forming a ‘brand’ that is true to you and distinctive from other blogs. If you’re not really into using presets and you also don’t want to build your site from scratch, you can get WordPress website development services so that you can have your own URL and a well-made website.

Create a mailing list.

Subscriptions are a great way to keep you top-of-mind for readers, reminding them of your posts and being an excellent way to announce anything big. It’s also a great avenue for feedback that connects you to each reader. Once you get a big enough following, it’s a great addition to show any prospective partners or advertisers who are looking to jump on your building influence.

Build your voice.

There are essentially two main reasons you want to build your own distinctive tone with how you blog: a. it sets you apart from others while avoiding the risk of becoming generic and b. it helps you to position yourself as a reliable source on whatever you decide to centre your blog around. With a specific voice, you can create thought leadership that eventually makes your blog the go-to for particular topics. Just look at some of the most successful blogs that generate major income and see how they each define their expertise on their communications.

Think about search engines.

For people to find you, you’ll want to be the first result that pops up whenever they decide to Google something. That’s why you want to think about search engine optimisation. Create topics that centre on keywords that see a lot of searches online, and write in a way that highlights relevant answers to this without blatantly coming off like a basic ad that will be relegated to lower search rankings.

Don’t forget a good form and grammar.

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Even if you want to have your own style and vibe, you still need to take into account readability. If your blog doesn’t have well-constructed sentences and paragraphs, it’s less likely that people will finish anything your post or even share them. Stick to good structure and make sure you use proper grammar, and you can still have the freedom to bend things to your distinctive style from there.

Not only will these tips help you to create a blog that is interesting and put together, but they are also essential factors if you want to generate a stream of income from blogging. There are millions of prospective readers out there that view up to 20 billion pages every month, and you can reach them.

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